“Reaching one’s audience requires a form of English that does not force the reader to disentangle confused sentences, or may irritate him or her because of typos. Mark Forster has helped many of my international students to achieve this and more – with elegance. He has done so quickly, without fuss, effectively and with humour. I highly recommend him as a wonderful source of help.”
Gerard de Zeeuw, Emeritus Professor of Complex Social Systems (Amsterdam), Senior Professor of Architectural Design Research (Brussels), Visiting Professor of Research (Lincoln).

“Mark helped me proofread my M.Phil. thesis with high quality. In addition, he finished the work at an unexpected speed. Not only the changes he made in the text, but also the comments he wrote down helped me a lot to explain my ideas more clearly to readers. Using his service, I was able to simply write the first words that came into my mind to explain my meaning. Then, Mark helped to change the words to more scientific words that met the requirements of my submission. Here I would like to highly recommend him as a wonderful source of help, and to give him my sincere thanks.”
Yuan Shen, M.Phil., Computer-based Biology, University of Nottingham.

“Mark proofread my PhD thesis. I must say that the work he did was absolutely outstanding. Also, I should emphasise the fact that he never missed one single deadline – if he says he will proofread for a specific date, that will be it. I am very, very pleased with Mark’s work: good quality, simple payment process, excellent competitive price and easy going interaction with the client. Brilliant!”
Jose Bento da Silva, PhD student.

“I did not realize how important proofreading was until my last term with three important final assignments. This was due to the fact that my supervisor always required accuracy in grammar and spelling in our reports. To my surprise, I completed them all with a grade of distinction. Mark with his service helped me boost my results. Mark, thank you very much for that indeed.”
Bach Thi Hoai Anh from Vietnam. MSc Marketing, Nottingham Trent University.

International Students Dissertations helped me proof read and copy edit my Masters Dissertation in Marketing. I am a native speaker of English, yet he found ways of improving what I had written: suggesting more academic terminology, more formal words  and how to express my thoughts in the best possible way. He also suggested changes to the way I presented my arguments and findings, resulting in a logical and clear dissertation that I am still very proud of to this day . I am convinced his assistance helped me gain a better grade, and I would highly recommend using his services, even if you are an English speaker.”
Tara Matthews, Masters in International Marketing student. 

“I had only one week before submitting my PhD thesis, and I was panicking because I knew that my English needed correcting. International Students Dissertations carried out the work very quickly; my grammar and choice of words were corrected, and my English now sounded more formal and academic. I was very confident that my thoughts and research would now be well-expressed. My supervisor told me that my work became a lot easier to read, and that my ideas were now clearer and better-expressed.”
Johann Hahn, PhD student.

“I was really nervous about handing in my undergrad Business dissertation because I knew my ideas were good, but my English wasn’t good enough for me to express my thoughts. 5 days after sending my work to International Students Dissertations my work was returned in perfect English, and sounding like it had been written by an educated native speaker. My dissertation got the mark it deserved.”
Wendy Li, Business Studies graduate.