How can you help me?

I correct and improve your written academic English. This means looking at your grammar, your word choice, register [formal/informal], linking of ideas and organisation .

I read your work from the point of view of a lecturer, and make it easier to understand, and ensure that you say what you want to say in an appropriate and logical manner in excellent English.

We will return your academic work in English of the highest possible quality; you will sound as close as possible to a native English speaker.

Click here for some examples of proofreading and copy editing.

IMPORTANT: I do not write the content for you: that is unethical and is cheating!

Why should I have my work proof read and edited?

Your grade can improve by anything up to 15% if you present your work in good academic English which is well-organised. You lose marks if your work appears careless and difficult to understand.

Why International Students Dissertations?

I have worked for over 20 years as a tutor/lecturer in English as a Foreign Language for some of the best language schools in the world.

What is unique about me is that I have also specialised in teaching general Business at University.

I have spent over 8 years teaching international  University Students at Undergraduate and Masters levels how to plan, research and write dissertations, dissertation proposals, essays and assignments, presentation techniques as well as proofreading theses and academic papers.

I have also supervised many Business dissertation students.

This means that I know not only what you, the student, want to say, but I also understand what lecturers are looking for in your written work.

Click here for some examples of proofreading and copy editing.

What I do:

I correct your English 

I rewrite it in the most natural, logical way where necessary.

I will point out areas where maybe you need to think again about what you have written.

What I don’t do:

I do not write the content of your work 

I do not check your referencing or for plagiarism – that is your responsibility.