Examples of Proofreading and Copy Editing


Proofreading: this is when I correct your grammar, spelling, choice/translation of words and your punctuation.

Copy editing: this is when I choose more appropriate words and expressions to make your writing sound more formal, more academic and more like a native speaker. Let’s have a look at some examples of each. Are these the kinds of mistakes you make? If so, go to the homepage and click on Proofreading.

Remember: I do not advise on the content of academic work, just the language of your work.

The proofreading process is very simple. You send the document that needs reviewing and I will return it with all my proposed changes highlighted, so you can understand what I have done. Please scroll down to see an actual example.


  • Before proofreading Before proofreading Here is an example of some text before correction. See if you can identify the problems. When you have done this, click on “After proofreading” to see if you were right.
  • After proofreading After proofreading As you can see, there are a lot of changes here. They consist of proof reading [e.g. correcting poor grammar] and copy-editing [e.g. making the language sound more formal/academic]. Important: not all academic proof readers copy-edit.
  • After accepting changes After accepting changes This is how your document will appear after you have accepted all the changes on Track Changes. Compare this to the original text. Would your work benefit from this type of correction?


Some final points about your written English: You need to think about the quality of your written academic English. Every student, every nationality has their “favourite mistakes”. However, getting a good grade for your writing is not just about avoiding mistakes; it is about choosing the most appropriate register [formal/informal], using the best words/phrases to connect ideas and using set expressions/collocations [words that go together] in order to express yourself as clearly as possible.

If you think you need help with any of these points, please contact me.