Making your English sound more formal

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Jul 092012

When we speak to people, we choose our words carefully to suit the occasion. If you want to borrow money from a bank, and you have an appointment with the bank manager, you do not say to him, “Hi mate! How’s it goin’?” This would be inappropriate because it is too informal.

Similarly, if you meet your friends in Starbucks for a coffee, you do not say to them, “Notwithstanding the unseasonably high temperatures, I will nevertheless elect to consume a hot beverage.” This too would be inappropriate, as it would sound too formal. Continue reading »

High Frequency Vocabulary

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Jun 182012

This means the words/phrases that you are going to use with high frequency [ i.e. very often ] in your essay/dissertation/thesis.
If you are writing a long academic document and you frequently mis-spell or mis-use a word/phrase, then your marker/supervisor is going to think, “This student hasn’t even bothered to get the basic right!” Believe me, when you are marking a 15,000 word dissertation on “E-commerce in the USA” and the student has written “USA” instead of “the USA” at least 50 times, you get annoyed! Continue reading »