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Jul 232012

“Research” is an uncountable noun; this means you cannot say:

“Many researches” or

“ Smith did a research”

You should write :

“A lot of research” or

“Smith did some research”

“Research” is a high-frequency word i.e. you are going to use it frequently in your academic writing.
[see High-frequency vocabulary]

For this reason, it is a good idea to use synonyms e.g. “investigation” or “studies”. These nouns are countable.

E.g. “ Many studies/investigations”

“Smith conducted some/several/numerous investigations/studies.”

You can therefore say “An investigation/study into….”

Although you can use the verb “to do” with research, there are better alternatives that sound more formal:

“ Jones et al. conducted research into the phenomenon of….”

“ Simpson (1999) carried out an investigation into….”