About Me


I have taught English as a Foreign Language in many countries across the world as well as the UK since 1989. I have worked for major Examination boards as an EFL examiner and have worked as a Consultant and Teacher Trainer.

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I taught various Business and Research units for 8 years in the UK University system. I saw that Universities  did not always give International Students the support and time that they needed, so I decided to set up a website business to help these students.

I am aware of the following challenges facing International Students:

  • Adjusting to a new academic culture where learning styles are very different.
  • Writing work in good academic English.
  • The pressure from families back home to succeed.
  • Feeling shy about asking important questions in seminars.
  • Not wanting to feel foolish when you do not understand.
Over the years I have helped thousands of students from nearly every country in the world with their English; I have seen that, with a little time with an understanding tutor, International Students can achieve high grades.